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Get ready, Rochester, because Girl Scout cookies are coming!  Save the date and maybe a few extra bucks for February 20th and get ready to buy a few boxes.

The full list of cookie flavors for sale in 2021 are below:

Girl Scout cookie flavors for 2021

I asked my Girl Scout cookie sources if they will be selling at the traditional booths around town and yes, those could possibly still happen.  But to help keep everyone safe, contactless free cookie shopping will also be available in 2021.  More details on the how and when will be coming from the Girl Scout cookie experts soon.  You can always follow them on Facebook though for the latest cookie news in our area.

Why are there different names?  That's been my beef with the Girl Scouts and today I got an answer from a Y-105FM listener, Nichole Thompson.  She said, "there are two Girl Scout bakeries for the cookies. One bakery calls them the names you are used to and the other bakery calls them the names they are now. When I grew up in Iowa, I've always known them as the names they are now because they always used that bakery. I do not know when Minnesota switched but that is why some places have different cookies than others."

What's your favorite type of Girl Scout cookie?  Send me a message!  You can find me easily on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - or on my Instagram page here.

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