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If you live in Northwest Rochester, you are going to want to invest in some more stretchy pants.  Permits were just filed in Rochester for a Crumbl Cookies.

I love getting tips in my inbox about new places coming to town and that is exactly how I found out about this!  The name "Crumbl Cookies" might not be a name you've heard before but I immediately got excited because I know this place and Rochester is going to love it!

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Here's What I Know

According to the permit filed, a plan is in review for the following work to be done at 2665 Commerce Drive Northwest, Ste 200, in Rochester:

  • Construct interior partition walls, transaction counters, new finishes and kitchen equipment for Crumbl Cookies
Credit: Google
Credit: Google

You can see the full menu (and photos that will make you drool) on their website here.

I've reached out to the company but so far I don't have dates on when they are planning on opening.  Trust me, I'll be following this one though and will have updates on my Facebook Page - Jessica On The Radio - and on Instagram.

Here are two other places that will be opening soon too!

Grab a cookie when they open and plan on a day of shopping at all of the top spots women love in town.  Keep scrolling to see the top shops in town that women are loving.

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