Every year during the week of Rochesterfest I always hear the same question; "So is Thursdays on First still happening this week, even though it's also Rochesterfest?"

And every year I always end up going online to check the schedule or even text some friends who are down there week after week.

But the answer is, YES. Thursdays is still on!


If memory serves, one year out of respect or perhaps even due to some conflict to the city's annual festival, Thursdays was indeed cancelled. But that was also back when Rochesterfest was still positioned downtown. But since it's been moved to Soldiers Field the past three years, that will not be the case tomorrow.

So anyone who needs their weekly Fish Tacos fix, or maybe just an excuse to roam downtown over their lunch break and people watch like me, then rest assured that everything is still on (weather permitting of course).

As of right now, the forecast calls for a 60% chance of rain, with showers more likely in the evening. So we'll have to wait and see if this will be our first cancellation of the year.

For those still anxious to know what to expect for entertainment, which is always FREE by the way, I've listed below who's all scheduled to perform:

11:30 am - 1 pm

5 pm

7 pm

For any other questions about entertainment, or Themed Thursdays on Historic 3rd Street, go to their website HERE, or "Like" their Facebook page HERE.



The new Minnesota State Fair Food was announced yesterday, and most of it's good, but one is just the worst thing you can do to America's Best Food! Corn on the cob is literally the greatest part of the American Culinary Experience, and what these folks did is just evil. Eeeeveeel! Click HERE (or the picture) to see what they did.

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