You know that last breakup that you had?  No matter how it ended, a zoo is wondering if you'd like to send them the names of your ex because they want to name a cockroach and feed it to an animal.  Bonus: the feeding is going to be live on Facebook.

There isn't any info out yet about the Quit Bugging Me promotion that is happening at the El Paso Zoo, but here is what I do know:

  • If you ever broke up with someone in a way that broke a woman's heart, your name might be on a cockroach,  There are hundreds and hundreds of women who are extremely excited about this.  Stacy Harhold-Patrick said on the El Paso Zoo Facebook page, "I cannot wait for this! I have just the right name for one lucky meerkat and one very unlucky cockroach."
  • Last year, the live video happened on Facebook and rumor is that it will happen again on Valentine's Day at 2:15pm (central time).
  • All the info is going to be posted very soon on the El Paso Zoo website.  

Would you like to see the Valentine's Day feeding from last year with all of the cockroaches that had special names?  👇

Don't get your name on one of these cockroaches!  The perfect date is already planned out for you AND there is a $600 to help make it happen too.  Click here to get the step-by-step guide and see about winning that Visa Cash Card.

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