I was nervous last night because I was going back to high school.  (Ahhh!)  Ok, not my own high school but it was Parent Night at Century High School in Rochester and the nerves were there because I had to follow my daughters' schedule and honestly, I had NO IDEA where I was going.  When I was there though, I saw something at the school that made my heart happy...and calmed me down a tad.

I had a handmade map that my daughter made for me of all the houses at Century High


School.  (If you've never been, there are a trillion rooms in these little areas called "houses" and they look exactly the same.  Exactly.)  I had her daily class schedule.  I sortof had confidence that I would be able to find all of the classes since the map was very detailed and to be honest, I actually only got mixed up once.

Now, back up just a bit because before going to school, I was caught in a pretty bad storm and my hair was pretty much a mop by the time I walked into the school.  I decided to "freshen up" in the bathroom - which I found, thanks to a map.  My reflection in the mirror confirmed that mop but something else caught my eye too...color and some really cool "graffiti"!

All of the bathroom stalls had beautiful, colorful messages written on them.  Messages about kindness and how we should love each other.  It just was amazing to read all of these messages that were positive and I was so thankful that someone took the time to paint all of these for the students.

I have now officially embarrassed my child - because I took pictures while I was in the bathroom - but no one else was in there, so don't worry.  Enjoy some of the positive messages that I found at Century High School and spread them around...because someone out there that you know could use some nice words today.

Positive Messages Found At Century High School

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