Does your office have any pets?  Big ones?  Little ones?  Smelly ones?  While James Rabe was away from the studio for a few days, I found a pet.  :)

I was just minding my own business at the studio and was probably going a bit crazy with the quiet surrounding me.  I've only been working with "the man" for 3 months but I can honestly say that I am used to having James Rabe right next to me as I am doing the 10am - 2pm show for Y105FM.  The workday is just fun...and I know that he is always ready to sing some Frank Sinatra, Bee Gees or just quote a movie.  Always.

When James went on vacation for over a week, I honestly had no idea what to do with all the quiet.  I know that I didn't like it and if you watch the video, I was obviously looking for someone to talk to.

James is back and I am happy to say...the singing is back as well.  (I have been secretly feeding Charlotte and hid her in an undisclosed location)

I highly recommend getting an office pet if your co-worker is on vacation.  Pick the pet that your office mate likes the least and start there.  I can't share my least favorite due to the risk of being pranked but some good ones might be a fish, gerbil, parrot, tortoise or mouse.  Of course, check your company policies and then get as many people as possible in on the plan.

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