What's the best part of a grilled cheese sandwich?

Dylan Rives

My wife, Cathy, is a culinary genius. Genius, sheer genius. The only thing better than her steaks 'n' brats are her grilled cheese sammiches.

A couple weeks ago she found these pouches on Amazon for making grilled cheese sammiches in the toaster! In. The. Toaster. Genius!

According to the directions, these pouches are good for up to fifty uses. Two pouches. That's a hunnert toaster grilled cheese sammiches! Well...divided by one Dad and three hungry teenagers. The pouches lasted just a couple of days hours minutes.

Without the pouches, I stopped making the toaster grilled cheese sammiches.

The kids, however, did not.


Now, I ask you, what's a Dad to do?


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