How many parents admit to secretly eating their kids Halloween candy?

Halloween at the Bergs From the Bergchives
Halloween at the Bergs
From the Bergchives

We have a rule: no eating all the candy from trick-or-treating all at once.

0 Halloween Candy
He's actually got candy coming out of his ears!

Justin's first Halloween, he actually had candy coming out of his ears! He and Ethan really clean up around the neighborhood. And what kid doesn't?

So, we spread the candy out. The rule is, one or two pieces along with lunch every day until it's all gone. That's usually around Groundhog Day.

Science just released some findings about parents sneaking their kids' Halloween candy. The National Confectioners Association found that 72% of parents admitted to "taste-testing" their kids' Halloween candy. One-third admit that they do it secretly! Zoinks! Fer shames! Takin' candy from yer babies! That's enough to make a zombie sad!

Hi, I'm ZombiEthan. I'm kinda sad.
Hi, I'm ZombiEthan. I'm kinda sad.

When it comes to the Halloween candy, I declare myself a "food buddy". You know what a food buddy is, right? A Food Buddy finishes what you can't. I always tell my kids that they can count on me to be their Number One Food Buddy. Then, I end up getting the candy they don't want...

Here are some more numbers from candy makers:

85% say they like the smaller Halloween sized candy better than full-sized candy bars!

Over two-thirds say chocolate is their favorite Halloween candy. Candy corn comes in second followed by gummy candy third.

That's kinda funny, candy corn coming in second favorite for parents, since it came in fourth as the worst candy to get trick-or-treating! Check that out here. I love candy corn! I even love those candy corn pumpkins, even though they came in fifth on that list!

So, what's your rule of thumb? Do your little ghouls and goblins share their sugary booty with you or do you sneak it?

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