If you saw that Help Me sign, would you call 911? A guy up to Fargo did...because he honestly believed someone was in trouble. According to WDAY-TV, about a week ago, Becky Muhs and her husband, in West Fargo, put up Halloween decorations early because she. Loves. Halloween. She and her husband were married on October 31st, that's how much she loves Halloween.

Becky and her husband went out for dinner, and on the way back, got messages from neighbors asking if they were OK. The neighbors saw the "Help Me" written in blood and were really worried about the couple's safety.


Muhs' neighbor, Jay Thomas (radio superstar on WDAY-AM), was taking a second look. He'd never seen the window without curtains drawn...so he walked down the street to a police cruiser that was parked...

"So I go down there, I look in the car, the person in there just motions me to get oughta here," he said. "I'm like whoa, okay, something's not right." (WDAY-TV)

That's when Thomas called 911. And, about 15 minutes later, Becky finally picked up a call from Jay and said yes she was fine, the officers arrived, yes she's fine...and the street calmed down once again.

Oh, and no one asked anyone to take the sign down. Because it is common sense North Dakota.

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