How far would you drive to be part of a "Harry Potter Festival"? Well, if a three and a half hour drive is your limit, you might love this festival in small-town Wisconsin. Kats year it is reported 50,000 people attended. This year, it's October 19 - 21 in Jefferson, Wisconsin (about 50 miles west of Milwaukee).

You might have noticed I'm putting quotes around Harry Potter...that's because Warner Bros. has been cracking down on people putting on Harry Potter events without licensing it thru them. So, the official title of the festival is the Warriors and Wizards Festival.

That might not have been organizer's only here to read a story by a Wisconsin paper and the comments it garnered to see a different perspective.

The website says they are...

...very pleased to have several stages featuring magicians, traditional bands, singing seafaring mates, laser light stage show, singing mermaids, creature walk and an International Quidditch Tournament, which are all included with this year’s wristband. We will be adding to last year’s 145 vendors...This year we are proud to host four very special vehicles from some of your favorite Movies, TMNT Van, Landspeeder X-34, from Star Wars, 1966 Batmobile and the Ecto -1 from Ghostbusters.

Regular wristbands are priced under $40, kids way below that. The VIP package'll cost you $300. Oh, and there's a pub crawl! Find out more about what's scheduled HERE.

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