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Everyone's read about the trouble in Texas with the cold temperatures and snow. But what if you're here in Minnesota's Olmsted County and you need help with energy bills? Read on.

What you're looking for is Energy Assistance, which is available to help with your connected utility bills. So if you heat with propane, electric, or even pellets, there's a program to help. It's a federal program to keep you warm and keep the power on, and, some homeowners may be able to get free heating system repair or replacement.

How do you find out if you're eligible for help? Get in touch with Three Rivers Community Action, who says their help is for people of all ages and varying sources of income.

Because eligibility is income based, you may think you don't qualify, but a lot of people are surprised to find out they ARE eligible. Besides, filling out the application and sending it in (or dropping it off) can't hurt, right?


Or call Three Rivers Community Action: (507) 316-0610 or 800-277-8418, Ext. 154

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