When you smile, it is almost like a chain reaction and leads to another person smiling.  I know it's tough to see smiles while we have masks on but there is still an easy way to spread those smiles to others and keep that smile ripple going.

Hiawatha Homes sent a note out earlier this week to supporters asking for a little help.  They are looking for individuals to send a card to help bring some smiles to the crew that they enjoy working with each day.  It's part of a fun initiative called "Card Extravaganza" and they would love the community to be part of this easy way to send smiles and loves to those that they work with each day.

When the Covid-19 pandemic started, Hiawatha Homes "hunkered down" to help everyone they work with and serve stay safe. They've been staying busy with fun activities, dress-up days, and crafts.

The Card Extravaganza is simple!  Pick a card up at the store or make one yourself.  Add in some well wishes in a letter or you could even have your kids draw a picture or color something special.  This is a great time to get out the paints and paper and let your kids be creative and share with them that their art will help bring smiles to many in our area.  When your car is finished, add a stamp and mail it to: HHF Card Extravaganza at 1820 Valkyrie Dr. NW Rochester, MN 55901.

Learn more about Hiawatha Homes and other ways you can volunteer here.

Show me your cards!  I'd love to see the cards and pictures that you create for Hiawatha Homes. Send me a message with a photo on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.

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