A mom has a question... where can she buy kid's jeans where the knees won't be worn out in one week? The answer? The past!

I was scrolling through Facebook today and loved Jo Spencer Zinser's question.


This is James Bradley. This is James Bradley's knee. This is how the knee looks in all of James Bradley's jeans. Just kidding. This is the "good" pair. *sigh* Isn't there a co. that guarantees pants won't wear out for as long as they fit? #boylife

If you have an answer that doesn't involve a time machine, please comment on our Facebook post.

But, if you're willing to travel back in time, let's head to the 1970's, where they solved this problem. Up top, you'll see the JCPenney solution. As a kid I loved the robot! And until today, I thought it was a pretty realistic-looking robot. Oh, kid eyes. (Sigh!)

Sears had a line of super denim, too, with a cool name, "Toughskins"! But the commercials were lame.

Or if not lame, then definitely weird.

And if not weird, then...I don't know what you would call this. Exploitation?

I can't go back in time to my childhood and not mention Garanimals, which are still around! Back when they showed up, I wanted them so, so bad. But my mom said, "NO!" She said it was a waste of money to have people match clothes for you. "You can match clothes just fine," she said. "In fact, you have really good taste!"

Well, the flattery worked, but I was still envious of the kids that had them.



What scent will 98% of people say is amazing? This one. I dare you to disagree!

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