(ABC News - ABC 5 Boston) - Here's more proof that a mother will do ANYTHING for her kids.  And it's why 22-year-old Mindy Tran of Lawrence, Massachusetts is our HERO of the day.

Earlier this month, Mindy backed her Honda Accord into her garage, parked, and got out to deal with her twin two-year-old daughters in the backseat.  But somehow the car came out of gear . . . and started rolling down their driveway.

And there was barely time to react, because Mindy's driveway is steep, and led right into a busy street full of traffic.

So she jumped in front of the car, laid down on the ground . . . and let the car RUN HER OVER.  She says, quote, "I used my body as a speed bump to stop the car."

And it worked.  The car stopped . . . right on top of her.  A neighbor ran over, got the girls out of the car and called 911.  The fire department arrived and  lifted the car off Mindy with an airbag.

Then she was airlifted to a hospital with a shattered left knee, a dislocated right hip, and a dislocated shoulder.  She's still in the hospital,

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and will probably be there for a few more weeks.

She told reporters, quote, "I don't consider myself a hero.  I am just a mother."