I can NOT believe it! This might actually be, "Next Year"!

I grew up on the South side of Chicago. Where the southbound Dan Ryan expressway splits to head down toward Springfield, there's an exit that leads right into the town I grew up in, Evergreen Park. By geography, I should have been a White Sox fan. That was just "up the street". Wrigley Field is on the North side of town.

If you think the Vikings-Packers, or, Bears-Packers rivalry is something, Chicagoans made the Sox-Cubs rivalry look like something out of this year's Captain America: Civil War.

My brothers and I always had a soft spot in our hearts for the Cubs and "Mister Cub" himself, Ernie Banks. They were the lovable losers. Other teams may have had better players, but we had the Cubs.

Believe it or not, my first radio job in Rockford, IL - home of the legendary Rockford Peaches from A League of Their Own Fame (starring America's dad, Tom Hanks!), was also home to the Cubs farm team, the Rockford Cubbies. One of the best, pre-selfie, moments was throwing out the first pitch at a Cubbies game.

Usually, around the All-Star break, we'd know that it was going to be "wait until next year" for the Cubs. Well, "Next Year" could be here This Year, bay-bay! Vegas sportsbooks have the Cubs as favorites to beat the Indians.

Indians fans are walking goats around the stadium in Cleveland hoping to jinx the the Cubs. Legend has it, the owner of The Billy Goat tavern bought a ticket to bring his goat to the 1945 World Series game. The goat was not allowed in - apparently it wasn't a seeing-eye goat - and it was then that The Curse of The Billy Goat was placed upon the Cubs. Maybe now, the curse will have worn off.

Maybe they'll let Steve Bartman throw out the first pitch for good luck, when the series heads to Chicago.

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