It's a great big, HUGE virtual 'Thank You' to all of the essential workers during Covid-19...and your selfie will make it even better.  Yes, YOUR selfie. 📷

We all know someone who is an essential worker and this virtual thank you card is the safest way to show our appreciation for their hard work.  Keep doing all of the things you are already doing to say 'thanks' and help out...don't stop that because we need that too...but pause for one second, write down a person or a group of people you are thankful for and take that selfie for the #WearingBlueForYou Challenge.

#WearingBlueForYou Printable
#WearingBlueForYou Printable

💙#WearingBlueForYou Challenge💙
1) Grab something blue to wear
2) print off the #WearingBlueForYou sign, (just click on the picture above for the pdf or write it on a piece of paper...whatever is easiest for you!)
3) write who or what group of people you are thankful for in the box (if you own a company, feel free to add your logo or company name and thank your employees!)
4) take a selfie
5) use the form below to send in your picture.  Last chance to get it in is May 18th.

Don't forget to SHARE! 💙 The more pictures we get, the bigger and better the virtual thank you will be.  Give these pages a like and watch for your selfie to show up there too!

Got a question about the #WearingBlueForYou Challenge?  Let me know.  Send me a message on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.

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