We've seen a lot of chatter about adults working from home and kids have to figure out e-learning due to Covid-19.  Our fur babies are adjusting to life too with all of the humans being home, ALL day long.  They deserve some attention and love in big ways and that happened for one very special yellow lab in Rochester.

Indy is my big, 100 lb. yellow lab and last night his adorable little face was on KIMT News 3.  You can see in the video that he is just loving all of these moments with his people, 24/7.  It might be because of all of the naps he takes by our feet as we are working and hugs he gets all day.  Or, he might be loving life more because of the extra treats and rawhides. Our family hasn't been going many places for our essential runs but Menards has been a popular destination since we are working on some projects in our house...and every time we have to get something, another rawhide makes it into our house.

If you missed it on the news last night, you can take a look at the video here.  *Indy currently is not available for autographs due to Covid-19.*  😉

Big thanks to George Mallet from KIMT News 3 for doing the story and featuring my furry kid, Indy and also the #WearingBlueForYou Challenge. 💙

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