I think everyone in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin were waiting for an epic storm to show up today.  We've been told NOT to travel at all and we were told to change our plans if we were hoping to leave the area. People rushed to the store to get last-minute supplies before we all were stuck in our homes, businesses closed up for a few days, and schools let families know a "Snow Day" was happening on Thursday...including Rochester.  But did it really need to be a snow day today?  Hmmm...

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Rochester Public Schools Superintendent Posts Hilarious Video About Thursdays "Snow Day"

Well, today wasn't quite as bad as everyone thought it was going to be and the cranky people of the world were caught on social media saying things like, "I can't believe school was called off in Rochester for this!".

Kim David TSM
Kim David TSM

The Superintendent of Rochester Public Schools, Kent Pekel, added some humor as he addressed the "Karens" in our school district.

Last week, people were calling and swearing up a storm at the staff that take care of our kids each day because a snow day wasn't called.  Today, people were saying a snow day should never have been called.  The Superintendent is never going to do the right thing 100% of the time according to everyone...and people will always be happy to share those thoughts.  He has a job that most of us can't do, a job that many of us would actually fail hard at publicly while trying, and it is a job that doesn't get a lot of thanks.  I'm glad he can at least find humor on days like today.

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Although I know my kids could have made it to school safely, I'm glad that my kids didn't have to wait at the bus when it felt like -34 degrees outside this morning.  I know a lot of kids that walk to school and these temperatures just aren't safe for anyone to be outside for more than a few minutes.

Before you complain about what should have happened...

Weather is a mysterious thing that is hard to fully predict.  I know the storm didn't hit early on Thursday like everyone initially thought but I'm hearing it is still going to get worse out there.  So, be safe, be thankful your kids were out of the cold, and maybe send the staff at your school a thank you on this cold day...and maybe send one to the Superintendent too.

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