How awesome was Homecoming weekend at JM?

What could be more awesome than the Rockets kicking off Homecoming weekend with a "W" over the Panthers 13 - 6!

Homecoming started a little earlier than with Friday Night Lights. It started Thursday. In the cafeteria. With. This. Sign.

Kick It With Me

Our boy Justin met a girl over the summer. He spent a couple days last week working on that sign. I teased him about it a little. "You're asking her to go play soccer?" Da-ah-ud! Ermigerd! I'm askin' her ter Hermcerming!

So, it was kinda like this, only in a crowded lunchroom, and everybody was surprised and happy and cheered even. Of course she said yes.

Justin and Becca

This wasn't Justin's First Homecoming. That was last year. He had a date for Century's Homecoming. Then, he and a buddy went stag to JM's homecoming. So, this was his First JM Homecoming With A Date. Every year is kind of a new and special milestone - for every thing each one of the kids does.

Party of Five

Justin took his date out for dinner at Nupa and then were Dadchauffered to Homecoming. Becca's parents were pretty cool about surprising the kids with their boutonniere and corsage.

Justin from the Bergchives

It's almost mind-blowing to see how far our boy has come over the last five years.

Justin and Becca

What a magical memorable weekend!