An Oskaloosa, Iowa man appeared on Wheel of Fortune after a lifelong obsession with the show led him to beat the Bonus Round. He actually used to work with us here at Townsquare Media!

Cory Houser appeared on Wednesday, March 22nd's episode of America's Game, solving puzzles left and right to win prizes and trips.

He made the announcement yesterday morning to his friends and family, telling them to tune into last night's episode and cheer him on.

I am nervous. Nervous and anxious. Lara and I have had to keep this secret for 55 days, and now I can just tell people to “watch TONIGHT to see what happens!” A childhood dream comes true this evening on Wheel of Fortune!


After solving four puzzles correctly, Cory was able to sneak into the Bonus Round with $30,340, with the next contestant trailing him at just $28,950.

Cory's bonus puzzle letter guesses, plus the usual R S T L N, and E given by the show's rules left him with twelve of nineteen letters filled in.

Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune

He made easy work of solving the puzzle, "A NICE VIEW FROM THE TOP," being the correct answer.

When Pat opened the envelope, Cory found out he won a brand new Ford Mustang, and was leaving with a total of $86,165!

Cory told the Des Moines Register that he dressed up as the Wheel for Halloween, and repurposed the costume on a lazy Susan to play Wheel of Fortune around the table with his family.

Hopefully, Cory is enjoying his new ride, cash, and is gearing up for his trip to Barbados.

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