Nothing says summer like heading to Target Field for a baseball game!  Our family loves going to see the Minnesota Twins and we've even spent hours decorating huge signs so we could try to have Bert Blyleven circle us!  This year, we might need to put those sign making skills into garage sale signs since it sounds like "Circle Me Bert" might be over.

According to, Twitter was exploding today after Bert tweeted the following:

Just informed by FSN that there will be no more “Circle Me Bert” and Minnesota Lottery winners for this coming season. I want to thank all the fans that made signs over the past 15+ seasons. Doesn’t mean you can’t still bring signs! Go Twins - @BertBlyleven28

Is this a Fox Sports North decision, Target Field rule or did the Minnesota Twins lose the Minnesota Lottery as a sponsor?  No real answers at this point but Bert did say in his tweet to keep bringing your signs.  Your chances of being on TV and the big screen just went down though...which really was part of the fun.

Check Out Some of the Responses on Twitter

Since our hands won't be holding up posters, I guess that just means more nachos that we can eat out of a Twins hat!  (Maybe that is their plan all along...sell more concessions!)
Want to join us for a Minnesota Twins game?  We've got a bus going on August 1st and we would love for you to join us!  We will still let you bring a sign but NO glitter on the bus!  Click here to learn more on how to grab those tickets!
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