Maybe it's time to repeat, "Gooos-frah-bah".

Have you ever gotten so mad at your car, that you tried "beating it up?"

I don't mean taking your frustration out on your car. We pretty much all do that. You're havin' a bad day, stuck in traffic. You start to bang out your frustration on the steering wheel.

I don't mean taking it out on his car because he cheated on you.

I mean things like repair bills, bad gas mileage and parts that rattle, wobble, squeak and can't be fixed. You take that frustration out on your car.

Science crunched some numbers and found that half of us have physically attacked our cars. I guess that's one kind of domestic assault. Unless you drive an import. Then, what? It's poor foreign relations?

One out of five have knocked off a mirror on our own vehicle. One out of ten have taken something in hand against it.

MJ Kim/Getty Images

Unless you drive a VW Beetle, or a talking Trans Am, your car is not going to know how mad it's making you. What was that Stephen King story about the old possessed car?

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