If you've driven by Hot Chip and Trader Joe's in Rochester, Minnesota, you've probably noticed that a new neighbor is moving in. Construction has started in the empty space next to TerraLoco and it will soon be sparkling with gorgeous diamonds.

Credit: Lasker Jewelers
Credit: Lasker Jewelers

Is Lasker Jewelers in Rochester moving to a new location?

Downtown Rochester seems to be a prime location for Lasker Jewelers but when the well-known name of Lasker showed up on another building, I reached out to see if they were moving or just expanding.  Nicole Lasker, President of Lasker Jewelers, got back to me right away with some exciting details:

We will maintain our Downtown location, on Peace Plaza,  as we have been downtown for over 100 years and love being there.  Our business has been growing and we needed more space.   However we have had a challenging couple of years with Covid and DMC Heart of the City construction.   And our guests have always been unhappy with downtown parking.  Which led us to looking outside of downtown.  I had my eye on the Figue location,  when they closed in the midst of Covid, we negotiated a new lease.  Our second Rochester location will be called LASKER DIAMONDS and Lasker JEWELERS will remain downtown.

Credit: Lasker Jewelers
Credit: Lasker Jewelers

What will the new Lasker Diamonds store in Rochester be selling?

The new store by Trader Joe's will be featuring diamond engagement rings in the price range of $499 to $49,000.  Everything about the store is about gorgeous diamonds including their curated collection of diamond fashion jewelry.  This new spot will also have state-of-the-art jewelry repair available.

Gold jewelry.
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When will Lasker Diamonds be opening in Rochester?

According to Nicole Lasker, the original plan was to open on November 1st.  As with every other project, delays have happened due to life in 2021.  The opening is now planned for early December.

Hiring and training for the new store has started and anyone who is interested in applying can contact Lasker Jewelers.

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