Last week news of the Tuesday, April 4 theft of Coco Chanel, a capuchin monkey, spread fast. But things have changed and it sounds like law enforcement might be skeptical of the whole story.

Friday, police discovered Coco was NOT stolen from a Cub Foods parking lot in Maplewood, Minnesota as was reported. Coco was taken in North St. Paul.

According to Maplewood police, the monkey was left alone in a car around 8:30 PM while the person that was supposed to be watching CoCo went inside Cub.

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The information later changed to "taken in North St. Paul." According to the City of Maplewood, the woman who reported the theft is the monkey's caretaker, not its owner.

andre-mouton-GBEHjsPQbEQ-unsplash - click for link
andre-mouton-GBEHjsPQbEQ-unsplash - click for link

In the Pioneer Press, "St. Paul police Sgt Ray Rozales said Friday night, “We’re working alongside Maplewood police to try and get the facts straight because it sounds like some things just aren’t lining up...It sounds like a lot of monkey business to me.”

Rozales urged anyone with information about Coco’s whereabouts to contact North St. Paul at 651-767-0640.

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