Have you received this text message too?  I've gotten this text message a few times, my daughter has as well, and I was starting to get concerned when I saw Facebook lighting up with warnings related to this text.  I decided to find out for sure if this text message was actually linked to sex trafficking.

The text message says this:  “Someone complimented you!  See more: (and then

JW - TSM Rochester
JW - TSM Rochester

various links are attached)".

Apparently, I'm not the only person who is getting compliments and thinking that someone might be waiting for me in the bushes.  The Olmsted County Sheriff's Office put out a tip on their Facebook page about this exact text message:

“Please share. We've had several parents ask about the attached text and whether or not it is linked to sex trafficking. There is no evidence that they lead to anything involving sex trafficking. Instead, these are spam/viral marketing for a dating app called "IRL – Let’s Hang".

We still caution everyone when it comes to meeting up with people you've only spoken with online.”

Just a reminder - before you share the Facebook posts, tweets, or even open up links that you aren't sure where they are from, check around on Snopes.com or even do some Google searching to verify the info.  (Here is the link to the Snopes.com story about this exact text message)

Just in case you were wondering, this is a legit post...so you can share it.  ;)

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