Remember Embers Restaurants? Embers of course served up malts, burgers, and some great breakfasts. I grew up a little more than a mile from apparently the last remaining Embers in Minnesota, and I found out over the weekend the property is for sale, meaning that Embers Restaurants in Minnesota may no longer exist much longer.

Ricky's Embers is located across the street from Menards on Central Ave NE in Minneapolis, but I'm pretty sure it's considered Fridley. Ricky's Embers posted on its social media page yesterday about the rumors floating online that Minnesota's last Embers was closing its doors for good.

Ricky's Embers was addressing this posting referencing that the chain was soon to be over in Minnesota.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

The news is sad for many as that particular restaurant holds plenty of memories for people. Many had first dates at that Embers, as it's located along Central Ave near several high schools, and there was once upon a time a drive-in theater located less than half a mile from the Embers where you could grab a malt and burger before or after the movies.

I understand that time waits for no man or business, but I hope whoever is interested in the property develops around the restaurant or incorporates it into whatever the plans are.

Personally, I remember going to Ricky's for a bite to eat on a Sunday morning, hungover from the night before. My buddies and I would all drag our sorry rear-ends into the restaurant, and ease what ailed us with some coffee, bacon, eggs, and pancakes. It was always Flameburger or Ricky's in those days, and now it seems just Flameburger will possibly remain.

And to think Embers is set to possibly join this list.

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