I believe in order and logic. Does that even apply when the...chips - or Funions - are down?

I'm a giver. I like to share.

Over the last few years, Cathy and I have learned that if WE want to enjoy something, like a bag of barbecue chips, a package of Oreo cookies, or a Mt. Dew Voltage, we get enough for the kids, too.

Or, we hide our stash.

Which one do YOU think we're doing the most of? That's right, we're hiding our stash. Cathy brought home some Funyons. She opened them, had some; then, hid them in my lunch box so I could take them and enjoy them at work.

I didn't notice until I went to reach in for a handful that she'd opened the Funyons from the bottom of the bag!

0 Funions

Apparently, there's nothing wrong with opening a bag of Funions - or maybe ANY chip bag - from the bottom!

I posted the picture on Facebook asking, "Who does this?", and Betsy said,

A lot of people do...they say the ones at the bottom taste the best."


My buddy Mark had a better question,

"...Who doesn't finish a bag of Funyons once they're open?"

James was able to connect all the Funions dots,

I guess it makes sense...all the extra seasoning falls to the bottom...which makes for a flavor windfall!"

So, once again, Cathy is proven genius! Which is why she's been my better half for so long.

Wait, is this a Funyons #LifeHack? Got any other life hacks? What unique or unusual snack habits do you have?


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