Just a few years ago, Indy, joined our family...and he is the loveable yellow-lab that I affectionately call "the beast".  He has gotten that name because of his size but also because during some of those puppy years, we had some damage happen to our walls, couch, any and all stuffed animals, and several dog beds.  He is a big part of our family though and we love him a lot - even on the days when I was sewing my couch back together.

We are one of the many families that live in Rochester that have a common theme - no family nearby.  What that means when you are a pet owner is that if we need to travel for a holiday, well, your pet has to find another place to stay while you are away.  That search has led to some amazing kennels in the area but we found a place that went above and beyond...and we are pretty sure this one is now our favorite!

Shhh...I am whispering now because I don't want to talk too loudly about this place because unfortunately, that might mean there won't be enough room for us the next time we need boarding.  But I do want you to know that if you need a kennel, Dog's Life Country Kennel was amazing and here are a few reasons why:

  • Price is affordable!
  • Staff is super friendly
  • Kennel area for the animals is very clean
  • They take videos!  This really was our favorite part because we were 10 hours away from our Indy and seeing that he was having fun and playing with other dogs just brought a smile to our faces.  Videos are posted about once a day on their Facebook page and you can watch one that had our dog in it below (or click here if you can't view it)

If you want to do a little checking on Dog's Life Country Kennel, you can find their Facebook page here and their website at this link.

Thank you to all who are taking care of our pets while families are away.  Families are giving a piece of what they love to you temporarily, which is a tremendous responsibility and undertaking.  Because you are opening up your heart, you are allowing so many of us to be with our own family, travel, or have a safe place for our animal to go while we are needing to be away.

What's your favorite kennel in Southeast Minnesota?  I'd love to know where you recommend and why!  Send me the info to my Facebook page or e-mail me at jessica.williams@townsquaremedia.com

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