I was out and about, near Folwell Elementary, and I'd pulled over to make a call (to my sweetie pie in Idaho). I looked up during the call, and started laughing. The Queen said, "Whatt???" I told her how the tree was blocking the view of the sign about the view.

It has to be one of the most useless street signs in Rochester, right? It's right, there is a limited sight line. But, thanks to Super Tree Arm, you don't catch sight of the message about limited sight, until you're up on it. And at that point, you're so close you could shake it's hand, saying "How do you do!" (and of course, then you'd really be saying, "I can't see youuuuu." Apologies to Mr Armstrong).

Anyway, I love things like this, so, of course, I went looking for 'em around the web. BOOM!  So SO many silly or useless signs. Take a look, it's a Friday gift from me...to you!