Your mind plays tricks on you when you spend a lot of time on the highway - billboards for the lamest things suddenly seem interesting. At some point in yourlife you've probably been sucked into a tourist trap. Perhaps it was Wall Drug or the

CREDIT: James Rabe

Corn Palace in South Dakota, Captain Kirk's birthplace in Iowa or the Mars Cheese Castle in Wisconsin.

So what's the worst tourist trap in Minnesota? It's not the World's Largest Paul Bunyan in Akeley, the World's Largest Twine Ball in Darwin or the SPAM Museum in Austin.

According to MSN, it's the Mall of America:

This mall is the largest shopping center in America, with 520 stores and so many square feet that the Yankee Stadium could fit inside of it nine times. But there's much more to do than just shop - there's an indoor theme park, a miniature golf course, and an aquarium - but all that adds up to is sensory overload.

I agree with this choice simply because I hate crowds and that place is always jam-packed.