I'm not trying to start a fight, and I'm super into being a civic booster...but is volunteering to be an ambassador for the Super Bowl just a big ol' rip off?

In case you're not hip to the story, here's the breakdown from the news team at our sister station, KROC-AM...

The Minnesota Super Bowl Host Commission is now accepting applications from people willing to to serve as volunteer ambassadors next year when the Twin Cities hosts the big-game at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

The commission issued a statement Wednesday indicating it hopes to sign up 10,000 people to assist in welcoming the hundreds of thousands of visitors expected for the NFL contest and the festivities leading up to the Super Bowl.

OK...that sounds kinda fun. You get to meet a ton of people, help confused folks get their bearings. Kinda like what we do every day in the subway, right?

Here's my issue...and maybe I'm a jerk for bringing it up, but you know what you get if you do volunteer? According to the Crew 52 Website...


  • Volunteer Uniform Kit, including jacket, polo, backpack, and more!
  • Be part of a once in lifetime opportunity
  • Make history as Crew 52
Catch a Football
Lewis Wright

That sounds like a nice pack of stuff. But I feel a game that brings in a metric ton of cash for the NFL should benefit the people more. I don't mean we should get paid to volunteer. That wouldn't be volunteering.

But how 'bout the NFL coughing up $100 per volunteer for their favorite non profit? I'd never volunteer to help the NFL normally, but if NAMI Southeastern Minnesota or the Gift of Life Transplant House would benefit from my volunteer time, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Is that greedy? Or is it me standing up and saying,"Why should I help you make a pile of cash without getting some of that for my favorite cause back here in Rochester?"

Now, there may be a $ situation going on I don't know about . I looked over the website, but I didn't read 20 articles about it. If someone can point me toward a reward greater than, "I got to be part of this huge thing designed to make scads of money", I'll stand corrected and publicly admit my error.

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