One of my favorite movies this year was BARBIE!  The day that I went to see the movie in Minnesota was also the day I realized I owned nothing "pink".  Everyone on TikTok was getting all glammed up in pink for the big movie of the year and I honestly was a bit nervous that I'd be the only one dressed normally.

It's the Best Day Ever for Barbie Lovers in Minnesota!

If you loved seeing the Barbie movie in the theater, I've got something extra special just for you.  Oh, and if you haven't seen the movie yet, this is YOUR best day ever too!  Barbie on Digital just got released and you can own Barbie on digital just by playing Fact -or- Crap on Y-105FM!

Here's How To Play Fact or Crap on Y-105FM, Rochester's Best Variety

  • Every day this week, we will reveal a new FACT or CRAP statement.  Bob and Sheri will say it between 7:00 am and 8:00 am.  Listen live on the Y-105FM app so you don't miss it while you are getting ready for work.
  • Now, we know that some of you have weird schedules and you might be sleeping in the morning.  If you missed the statement Monday morning, don't worry, at some point during the day, Michelle and Jessica will say it too.
  • Give the Y-105FM Facebook and Instagram page a like and follow too because we will also post the statement in both locations.
  • When you think you know the answer, send us a chat message on the Y-105FM app with either FACT or CRAP by 11:59 pm each day from September 11th until September 15th.  (Download the app here if you don't have it already)

Do You Have To Own Any Pink to Score Barbie on Digital from Y-105FM?

Pink is sort of Barbie's thing.  If you've seen the movie, you are well aware that pink is absolutely everywhere.  If pink isn't your thing though, the good news is that pink is NOT a requirement for scoring this awesome prize from Barbie.  Wear whatever you want.  In fact, I'm pretty sure Barbie would encourage you to be you!

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Barbie the Movie
Barbie the Movie

Grab Barbie on Digital Starting September 12th!

If for some reason you aren't one of the lucky ones we pick as winners this week on Y-105FM, you can grab Barbie on Digital at  You can own it starting on September 12th, 2023!

What A Minnesota Barbie Should Wear And Have for Accessories

I'm sure you heard that Barbie is now a huge movie star and people are loving the movie that came out in mid-July. I remember when I got my first Barbie, she came with all sorts of awesome accessories like high heels, a scarf, and even a fun necklace. Those were the best!!!

If there was a Barbie for Minnesota, what accessories or outfits do you think she should come with? I asked that question earlier and got a little bit of insight from AI as well and here are the top items that were suggested. #ThereAreSomeGreatOnesOnTheList

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