FACT -or- CRAP Trivia is back on Y-105FM, Rochester's Best Variety, and that means you can score some free swag this week!

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FACT -or- CRAP Is Back With Free Stuff This Week on Y-105FM in Rochester, Minnesota

If you love movies, this is your lucky week!  Every day this week on Y-105FM, Rochester's Best Variety, listen around 5:30 pm for the FACT -or- CRAP question.  Send us your guess on the Y-105FM app and you could win!


Here's How To Play FACT -or- CRAP on Y-105FM, Rochester's Best Variety

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What Can You Win This Week During FACT -or- CRAP Trivia on Y-105FM?

Did you have a chance to see WONKA in the theatre?  Here's a little recap if you didn't have a chance to grab tickets while it was here in Rochester:

WONKA tells the wonderous story of how the world’s greatest inventor, magician and chocolate-maker became the beloved Willy Wonka we know today.

Warner Brothers/Reaction Marketing & Promotions, Inc.
Warner Brothers/Reaction Marketing & Promotions, Inc.

If you missed out on eating popcorn in those fun recliners, you are in luck because if you answer FACT -or- CRAP correctly, YOU can win "WONKA" on Digital.  Pop some microwave popcorn and have a fun movie night at home!


Grab WONKA on Digital Starting Now!

If for some reason you aren't one of the lucky ones we pick as winners of WONKA this week on Y-105FM, you can buy it now and get $3 off the digital movie at wb.com/candy.

Huge list of movies that were made in Minnesota

Minnesota is known for having a whole bunch of mosquitos, a giant list of lakes, and of course Mayo Clinic. We've also had quite a few moments on the big screen! According to IMDB.com, see where film crews have been for a huge list of movies made in Minnesota.

Gallery Credit: Jessica Williams

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