We now know who this woman is.

If you recall, about a month ago a video from the inside of an airplane went viral after a woman claimed that a passenger aboard the plane wasn't real.

The internet not only fell in love with this woman, but many went on the hunt to find out who this woman is.


Well, after several weeks we now know who this woman is. The woman who went viral on an American Airlines plane is a marketing executive from Dallas, Tx.

The New York Post reports that this passenger's name is Tiffany Gomas, 38.

She reportedly got into an argument with family members on the same plane and then stormed down the aisle of the plane.

It was then that she pointed out another passenger on the plane and claimed that the person was "not real."

Out of caution, all passengers aboard the flight to Orlando were forced to exit the plane and had to be screened again by TSA.

The Post reports that Gomas tried to board the plane again but was denied and police did catch her while she was awaiting an Uber driver.

Gomas was given a ticket for criminal trespass and she was never formally arrested or taken into custody.

But now the Internet knows who she is and I am certain that many have contacted this woman via a Direct Message (DM). For weeks guys have been hoping to find out who this woman is.


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