900+ Jumping In Freezing Water This Weekend in Rochester, Minnesota

This weekend in Rochester, Minnesota, there is a free event that you can watch that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!  Hundreds of people are putting on their brave faces, quite a few will be throwing on some pretty amazing costumes and they will be jumping into some freezing cold water.  Yes.  This is happening in the frozen land of 10,000 lakes at Foster Arends on Saturday, February 11th.

Jessica Williams/TSM
Jessica Williams/TSM

1-2-3...Jump at the Polar Plunge in Rochester, Minnesota!

According to the Polar Plunge website, there are 905 people registered to plunge on Saturday.  If you'd like to make it 906, I know they'd love to have you jump in too.  You can find jumping info on the Polar Plunge website here.

The Polar Plunge is More Than Just a Jump In Freezing Water

I know that jumping in freezing water during a Minnesota winter might sound amazing to the adrenaline junkies out there, but the Polar Plunge is more than just the jump.  The entire event is helping raise funds for Special Olympics Minnesota.  So, if you don't have enough courage to jump but would still love to help, I know your donations would be greatly appreciated.  The goal this year is to raise $260,000.  As of right now, they are a bit short of that and currently have $199,277 raised towards that goal for 2023.  If you'd love to pitch in $1 or a few, you can donate at the Polar Plunge website here.

Can You Watch the Polar Plunge in Rochester?

I saw a few people asking on social media if they were allowed to go watch the Polar Plunge.  The answer is "Yes".  The crowd is always amazing and there is no charge to hang out, cheer on the crowd, and enjoy the wondering costumes.

Learn more about days, times, and location of the Polar Plunge at their website.

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