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This is the weekend for the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office puts on the Rochester Polar Plunge for Special Olympics...and it certainly is cold enough for it this winter. So, why isn't it happening? Did they chicken out?

Nope...just postponed it. The 20th Annual Polar Plunge is set for March 20, 2021. According to the Sheriff's Office,

With COVID-19 challenges being considered the Plunge committee led by local law enforcement, Special Olympics Minnesota and the Rochester Flyers Special Olympics team...Limits will be placed on how many plungers will jump, belly flop, swan dive and cannonball into the cool waters of Foster Arend lake.

What's the limit? In a phone call on the KROC NEWS program, Rochester Today, Sheriff Torgerson said, "Obviously with Covid we can't have that many people in the tent...we gotta slow things down...our goal is to have 400 plungers which isn't quite up to our normal 800 to 1,000."

Click here to hear the conversation.

Their plan has been reviewed by the Attorney General's office and Minnesota Department of Health, so safe procedures all 'round.

Want to get involved? You can register, join a team, or just donate by clicking here Once you get to the page it is pretty self explanatory.


It's a huge fundraiser where people willingly jump into ice cold water to raise money for some awesome athletes. Over the last 19 years, over 11,000 plungers have frozen their toes, but kept their hearts warm, raising over $3,000,000 to make sure Special Olympics Minnesota, the Rochester Flyers Special Olympics team and all the regional teams (over 300 athletes altogether) can continue to compete,

Have You Done It? 

Oh yes...proof #1

About To Jump In
About To Jump In

Oh yes...proof #2

Before the Plunge 2017
Before the Plunge at Whistle Binkies  2017

Oh yes...proof #3

Oh yes...proof #4 (the first time I did it!)

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Hear the entire conversation with the Sheriff by clicking play. Sheriff Kevin Torgerson discusses law enforcement concerns about fentanyl-laced drugs circulating in the Rochester area after two recent overdose deaths.

You'd think the Polar Plunge would be on the list of things NOT to do when it's below zero, but actually, the water is warmer than the air, so you might really enjoy it. However, there are things you really shouldn't do in sub-zero temps...the ice-scraper one is for real!

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