Will never forget the day my oldest brother came running into the house, in the middle of summer yelling

You all have to come outside and see what's making its way up on the yard!

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Mom, dad, my other two brothers and I ran out onto the deck, and there trudging up on the lawn was a massive snapping turtle...at least what I thought at the time was massive. I remember mom holding me back as I tried to jump off the deck saying "oh no honey, you don't want to get too close to that it could really hurt you". Looking at its mouth and watching it's neck extend I believed her.

My brother scooped it up in the biggest snow shovel we had and sent it in the right direction again and it went along it's way. But it's one of those things you don't ever forget.

Probably how this person felt when they snapped a picture of a snapping turtle the other day in Brainerd, Minnesota while on a boat. I'd try to explain how ginormous this common snapping turtle is, but how about you look for yourself:

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First thing that pops to mind to me is "Cowabunga Dude" you're big enough to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Raphael is that you?

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Photo by Paul Butterfield/Getty Images

But in all seriousness, this snapping turtle is the biggest I think I've ever seen and clearly I'm not the only one thinking that, because here's what the top comment says;

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But it also does bring up the question, I wonder how old that massive snapping turtle really is? From what I can see common snapping turtles can live anywhere from 30-45 years in Minnesota and according to the MInnesota Zoo;

The largest snapping turtle recorded in Minnesota weighed 65 pounds (29.5kg) and its shell length was 19.5 inches (49.5cm)

Anyone else wish there was a weight and length of this one too? Regardless pretty cool thing to see so late in the fall.

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