I often wondered why Kwik Trips are only in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. (Yes, I know they're called Kwik Stars in Iowa, but it's the same store.)

I travel all around the Midwest and would love to get glazers and gas in other states, and I'm not alone, people love Kwik Trip. The convenience chain was named the best gas station in America by USA Today in 2022. So why can't you find Kwik Trips in other states? I asked a Kwik Trip representative during a tour of their La Crosse facility and the answer I got is the reason people love the company.

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I was told proximity is one of the most important factors that Kwik Trip considers when expanding. The company is serious about taking care of customers and wants to make sure the products they sell are as fresh as possible. Each new store has to be close enough to receive daily shipments from Kwik Trip’s headquarters in La Crosse.

By the way, Kwik Trip’s campus in La Crosse is massive. It's home to one of the largest bakeries in the entire world. They make all of their bread, donuts, and cookies there. They also bottle their milk - with a promise to have it delivered from cow to stores in 24-48 hours - and they make their ice cream in La Crosse too.

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Kwik Trip Headquarters - google maps

It's an impressive operation and their dedication to quality is one of the reasons why the convenience chain was recently recognized as the best in America.

Kwik Trip Plans To Open 11 New Stores In Minnesota

Shania from Kwik Trip recently told us about the new stores being built in Minnesota and the new feature that each one will have.

Last year, Kwik Trip's big addition was BitCoin machines in each of its stores. This year, it's a self-check-out option. Shania said the company plans to add this feature to all stores that were built in 2022 and every new one going forward.

Where Will The New Kwik Trips Be Located in Minnesota?


Kwik Trip will continue expanding throughout Minnesota with 11 new stores planned for 2023. They will open in these towns:


Lino Lakes

Elko New Market


Redwood Falls

East Bethel






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Responses Heard To 'See You Next Time' In Minnesota & Wisconsin Kwik Trip Stores

How do you respond to the Kwik Trip trademark phrase "see you next time"? These are some responses heard in stores across Minnesota and Wisconsin. The last one is probably one of my favorites!