Hi moms and dads! I just thought of a perfect way to keep your kids at least 65% screen free this summer. I haven't asked Tracy about it yet, but I know she'll love it, love it, love it! Plus, it won't cost you a thing!

Almost every parent I talk to has things they hate buggin' their kid about because...it's endless. And sure, it's just part of parenting. Everyone know that, but what if there was a way you could make sure they do the thing without you always policing it?

Well, here it is. And no, it's not a bribe. It's actually something that'd help the economy!

You listen Monday thru Friday at 7:50AM for the times we'll announce the James and Tracy Cash Codes! Then, listen at those times, and enter those code words HERE.


Then, when you win the $1,000, you hire someone to nag your kids for you.

This would work with screen time, chores, not going outside, not practicing their things that need practice. Whatever.

You're still doing a billion things each day, but one bit thing is off your list!

Thanks, James and Tracy! That's what you'll say.

Remember...listen for the codes, then enter 'em! A hired nag machine for your home is just around the corner!




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