Saturday night, Tracy McCray and I helped out at the RT Autism Awareness Foundation Gala (see the pictures here). We had a great time, but had a disagreement for which there is only one answer. Well, only one way to GET an answer.

Craigslist Missed Connections. The place people go when they found love, and let it go...before it was even public. Like this...

McDonald's 63 south 12/11 - m4w
Minnesota : Minnesota
Burnett worker.... Sorry I didn't catch your name. You gave me a big smile and my food at the drive thru. Thank you! You made my day:)!!!!

I have always loved reading Missed Connections.  Does it work? Does anyone ever get a response? The chance seems pretty slim, but who knows? Maybe a lot of love has been found via MC's. Against all odds, m4w man posts...m4w woman sees the post and contacts m4w man...they meet, they love, they marry, they're together 'til death do them part.

Or maybe not. But, now it's my chance to find out...and it should be fairly easy since I'm not looking for a relationship. I only wanna know if Tracy is right or if I'm right. Flirting or not?

To make sure I get the best response, I need your help with my's this? What changes would you make?

Ryan McVay