Easter is just around the corner and the most popular candy this time of year is the one and only – Jelly Bean! People love this candy so much that Americans alone eat more than 16 billion jelly beans just on Easter (which means we actually eat more than that overall). But what is the most popular jelly bean flavor? Maybe one of the ‘yummy’ flavors from beanboozled game wins this year? (we have a video below you will want to watch about that!)

What is your favorite jelly bean flavor? We asked a ton of people on our Facebook pages (Y105FM, Jessica Williams’ page, and 103.1 KFIL) and there were quite a few different answers.

My taste buds are apparently different than most of the world because I am a fan of the orange and red jelly beans. According to www.candystore.com, I am not normal.

10 years of data were sorted through and a survey was done and we have a new top favorite flavor this year for jelly beans. Care to take a guess?   (close your eyes before you look at the answers below)

Top 3 Flavors for Minnesota:

#1 Black Licorice

#2 Toasted Marshmallow

#3 Coconut

We are also seeing, for the first time, a new #1 favorite throughout all of America: Buttered Popcorn!
Top Jelly beans Flavors from CandyStore.comSource: CandyStore.com

If you are a fan of watching people take the BeanBoozled Challenge - this is one video to watch.  These guys, they are my kids' youth group Pastors and are hilarious.  They were kind enough to let me share this with all of you. (fyi - if you have a bad gag reflex...this is your warning to just not watch the entire thing)

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