Did you feel it too?  That Minnesota chill that is biting at our noses as we put all of our bags from Christmas shopping into our cars.  Going from store to store, helping Santa out with those lists usually leaves me cold and exhausted by the end of all of it.

I've got three kiddos and they are all pretty much teenagers, but for some reason, I still get shocked when the kids shout out "there's nothing to eat" as they are staring in the fridge.  It happened again the other day so off to the store the kids and I went to get all of the food, once again.  You may have actually heard us while we were shopping because when I can't find the kids, I just shout out their names until they come back to me.  I really do...and it works.  They usually come back to me though with a box of crackers asking me "Can I have this?"

Have you ever had one of those long days of shopping with the kids and you all just need a break afterward?  That was us that day.  We were tired, our noses were cold, and as my kids would say, we needed to refuel.

We were sitting in the car trying to warm up and we all saw it at the same time - Cold Stone Creamery.  As the kids say, "It's a sign, mom!".

Our chilly shopping adventure had some stress at times but it ended perfectly.  The kiddos and I sat inside, warmed our noses up a bit and found a few new favorites to taste.  The Fudge Mint Cookie Ice Cream was one of our favorites and is now on our Williams Family Favorite list.  Pretty sure the kids have all agreed that this is also what we are eating on Christmas Eve as we watch all of the Santa Claus movies.

Skip the mess, the hours baking, and let Cold Stone Creamery create the treats for your holiday gatherings too! With three locations in Rochester, there is always one nearby!  They even have Cold Stone Party Packs that make any party fun! Mix and match your favorite ice cream flavors and mix-ins to bring cheer this holiday season!

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