I will never forget my first day on the job at Y-105FM. I was pretty nervous and really was shocked someone would pay to have me talk in a microphone. What I was more nervous about, though, was the fact that I really didn't have any clothes that fit me.

I was sporting yoga pants but even those were stretched to the max. Being a mom with three kids and starting a new job, I had no idea how I was going to squeeze in something else to try to get control of my weight.

The first time I walked into Livea Weight Control Centers in Rochester, I had a big a-ha moment!  I knew I'd be stepping on a scale to get a glimpse of what that number might be, but I also stepped on another device that did an inbody. That device basically gave me a snapshot of how healthy I was at that moment.  Woah! Right then and there my heart sunk as I learned that almost 50% of my body was fat.

Here's why it was an a-ha moment: The night before my own transformation started, I was watching the show "Bringing Sexy Back", which is a show about people who transformed their lives and got healthier.  Almost all of the contestants started with the same body fat percentage as me.

The next day, I started my journey with Livea and in 8 weeks, I lost 19.2 pounds. I had a whole pile of clothes in my closet that I was able to put on again, including jeans for the first time in a year. Shirts that I wasn't able to wear because they were way too tight ... buttoned up perfectly.

Wearing all of my clothes that I had abandoned in my closet, yeah, that felt good to put on again, but what felt even better was having some energy again. Playing outside with my kids and going on walks were fun again, and I had enough energy for that and all my everyday mom and work to-do's.

Life hasn't slowed down for me at all, and is actually busier than ever, but one thing that has worked for my crazy schedule is Livea. Today, I've lost close to 60 pounds and have gone from wearing a size XXL (and those were tight) to a size L. All of the clothes that I had in my closet that I couldn't wear before, I passed right by those and had to give them away because they were way too baggy.

Jessica Williams standing at the goal board at Livea Weight Control Center in Rochester
Jessica Williams standing at the goal board at Livea Weight Control Center in Rochester

My name isn't up on the goal board yet at Livea but I am close, and when it happens, I'll be shouting from a rooftop somewhere and hugging everyone that has helped me reach my goal to a healthier life.

If Livea could work for me with my crazy #momlife schedule, it can work for you! Right now, you can jumpstart your success with the 8 week challenge with Livea!  You'll get your first 8 weeks, free, plus support from Livea's team of experts including registered dietitians and nutritionists. Learn more online at livea.com/8weeks.

If you've got questions about my journey, let me know!  Send me a message on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram, and let's chat.

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