Have you ever had one of those a-ha moments?  You don't realize that it is coming and then BAM!...it is right there.  I had one of those a-ha moments just the other day as I was laying on the floor and a tad bit on the sweaty side.

This time last year, I was creating my wish list and goals for 2019.  So many things that I wanted to make happen. This was the year that I was going to finally see the number I wanted on the scale and finally get back into the stash of clothes in my closet.

January 1st, I woke up early and started crushing my goals with some exercises at home.  I was so excited that I even made a calendar to record my exercises with days that I could cross off.  I did some situps that first day and did 50 without stopping, and I even created my plan to get abs of steel in a few months.  Ok, it was going to take longer than that.

But (there's always a but, right?!) after an amazing workout on January 1st, I ended up in the hospital that afternoon and found out that I was really sick with a dead gallbladder that was all infected and nasty.  I felt as nasty as that sounds.

What started as a year of crushing goals turned into a year of recovery for me.  My record-setting situp goal turned into a goal of just getting up out of a chair without busting my stitches.  Starting my day by getting up early and exercising became just trying to have enough stamina to make it through work and making supper for the family before I had to sit down to rest again.

I was starting at the basics and to be honest, I was devastated.  But, I kept trying, moving, and listening to what my body was telling me.  In June, my body was finally ready to do a bit more...slowly...but I was ready to start back at those goals.

I sat in the parking lot at Orangetheory Fitness and knew that inside those doors, my goal was waiting for me and the coaches would help me reach it safely.  I wouldn't be going at a super-fast pace but I would be going at my pace.  This was my workout with my own goals in front of me, and I would reach them.  That first situp though, it crushed me.  I could hardly do one.

A-ha moment.  The other day at Orangetheory Fitness, a fun little situp where we touch our toes showed up on the to-do list.  In my head, all of the doubt showed up too.  There was no way that I could now do 5 of those, and the exercise said to do 10.  I could hardly do one just a few months ago.  I tried anyways, though, and decided I would just do my best.

I got my mat and put it on the floor and I got ready for that first one.  I took a big breath (and courage) and I did one.  Two.  Three.  Before I knew it, I did all 10 and had zero problems doing any of them.  It was an amazing moment and I wanted to run around the gym and tell the entire room that I just accomplished a huge personal goal!  I didn't...but just know, I wanted to.

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