So I just got back home after the concert tonight! What a wonderful time I had! Jim Brickman is really a very talented and entertaining performer.  One of the first things he told us to do was to hold somebody's hand tonight.  It was his 'Love Tour' and the evening was all about love.   

Yes, he really is as funny and delightful as he is on Saturday mornings!  I laughed several times during the course of the evening, because he would talk between his songs and added some humor.   John Trones, a Minneapolis native was with him this evening. Jim explained that there were several songs that he plays in which he doesn't sing them, but has collaborated with several other artists on, such as Martina McBride, on 'Valentine', which he did by the way, such a beautiful song.   John Trones joined Jim on stage to sing a few of his songs throughout the night.  John added a nice vocal quality to Jim Brickman's music.

Sue Moore
Sue Moore

I am always in awe of a very passionate performance from a musician, and this is what we all were treated to at the Mayo Civic Center for this show.  As a matter of fact, when I spoke to Jim after the show, and took that photo of the two of us, that is one thing I mentioned to him.   I said, "You looked so happy, it was so genuine, you must really enjoy playing!"  I kid you not, I was seated in row J, and one thing that stood out to me during the night was how Jim Brickman had a 'Permagrin' on his face the entire evening.  All Smiles!  The energy he had when he played and how happy and at ease he appeared was very inspiring and contagious.   You could not help but watch him and bask in the glow of beauty.  Another concert-goer who was near me also mentioned, "You can really tell that he enjoys what he does, thats how you can tell who is going to have success, he just loves it!"  When I mentioned to Jim that he seemed so happy, I could see it in his face, even then, his passion for his art.

The music was beautiful.  His presence was one of such peace and comfort that even without audio, even silent, watching that grace and attitude he presented would fall into a category of beauty.   He played his hits, and as he mentioned between songs, If you are lucky enough to have hits, you should play them.   The great thing about that, is that it was as if those hits, that I am sure he has played five billion times or more since he created them, had the energy and appeal as if it were the first and only time he had ever played them.   He cracked jokes, even one about a young kid that came up to him to say, "I fall asleep to your music every night."  Of course, Jim actually created his own lullaby CD, so jokes aside, he does put some people to sleep for a living.   He is so humble also, he spoke about not being insulted when people use his music as background.   He even writes for the Olympics!   He played some of his Olympic submissions, and he said they even pole vault to me.   He remarked about not being insulted being with two people in love, just the 'Three Of Us', and so on.   I love it when artists talk about their music in an entertaining way such as that.

Jim Brickman even spent some time on Sesame Street! He sang a song about the letter "D" and it was very entertaining.  He even sang a song in Kermit the Frogs voice!  Jim's voice is excellent to by the way.   It was interesting to hear him sing, 'Valentine.'  He is not Martina McBride, but he can really sing!   I again enjoyed the harmonies of him and John Trones.  He played his hits, 'The Gift', 'If You Believe', and so many others.

At first I was a little disappointed to hear that he didn't bring Tracy Silverman with him, on the electric violin, because I adored Tracy when I saw him with Jim a couple of years ago.   John Trones was so talented however, I quickly grew to like the different presentation. Jim mentioned that there was no shortage of talent on stage, and he was very right about that.   I remember from his last live performance that I attended that he surrounds himself with some quality partners for arrangements.   Earlier today when I posted about being excited for the show, that is one of those things that I remember from last time, the musical production and the quality.

Again, just as last time for me personally, it was an evening of pure awe, to try to mentally wrap myself into the musical journey, to adventure into the 'What is coming next?' domain...  to sit on the edge of my seat fixated on the pristine arrangements, the notes between the notes, the space of the music, the general form, and how one human being can possibly pour so much intellect, emotion, and passion out through his fingers.   It was a very good show, and I am sorry I do not have a setlist for you, I was so mesmerized that I just focused on being in the moment.   It was almost as if it were a different world, a journey into the depths of genius.

After the show, Jim took some time to shake hands and sign autographs and take pictures.  I can only imagine how tired he must have been after expending so much energy into his concert just minutes before.  He was so kind to everyone who he greeted, and even one girl took a photo with his hand on her hand. My mom asked me, 'What are they doing?' All I could think of is, perhaps she was a piano player herself and she wanted his 'Gift' to transfer into her hands?  I may never know what that photo I caught out of the corner of my eye with another girl was, but I have a hunch, she found his hands magical. They were, to my ears.

I saw so many familiar faces this evening, and everyone I spoke to seemed to be having a really good time.  I even ran into a couple whose daughter went to school with my daughter years ago! Just about everyone that spoke to me marveled how good he was tonight and thanked me and Y105 for being involved with Jim Brickman.  I think Jim's passion and beautiful form of music was very contagious.  The mood in the entire room was elevated into a nice little haze of happy.  If Jim Brickman's goal was to spend a few hours with an audience and radiate love, he achieved it.  Well done Jim Brickman.

Catch him on Saturday morning here on Y105.  There will be a next time for me, as far as seeing him live goes.

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