The “Butt Kickers” of John Adams Middle School are preparing for their 4th annual “Butt Kicking” event that will help make Rochester A Litter Butt Better! On Thursday, May 14th a group of “Butt Kickers!” will travel downtown, courtesy of Rochester Public Transportation, to pick up littered cigarette butts. Each retrieved butt will prevent harm to the environment and make Rochester more attractive. The Rochester Downtown Alliance, the Rochester Park Department, and Rochester’s Mayor Brede have joined together to donate $0.05 for each cigarette butt picked up for the John Adams Science Alive! Lab (up to a total of $1500).


According to Keep America Beautiful, 85% of all cigarette butts smoked in public become litter. These butts are an eyesore in our community and a threat to the health of waterways. It's time for behavior to change in Rochester.

Keep an eye out for the “Butt Kickers!” on Thursday, May 14th and thank them for their efforts. Follow their example and pick up litter, including cigarette butts. And if you are a smoker, put your butts in an appropriate place so these kids don’t have to pick up after you again in the future.