There's nothing bigger right now than Pokemon Go and we've put together a fun free event this Saturday for the whole family! From newbies to skilled players. Here's what you need to know!

Saturday at 11AM, join me in the Y-105FM parking lot (122 4th Street SW, the green building with the old time radio mural on the back). Weylin, the Y-105FM Pokemon Go Guide, will lead us on a tour of Downtown Rochester's hottest Pokemon Go spots.

The First Y-105FM GO-Lympics is a family event, so bring your kids and pets! (You may need your kids for help, right?) Costumes are encouraged! Everyone is welcome!

Obviously, as you join us, please remember to be aware of your environment, be sensible about where you go, etc. Basically, don't be a dough-head.


James, Tracy, and Dave will give you chances to call in today and tomorrow! Just listen to call in and get a guaranteed reservation for you and everyone you want to bring!