I know that there is someone that you work with who is constantly telling jokes.  They may make your day a little less productive but it sure makes life fun.  Or, you've got a kid who is constantly reading joke books and trying the latest funny words on you.  If you know someone that falls into those categories, or you just love telling jokes for fun, auditions are now open in Minnesota for those jokes!


Auditions Open Now For Comedians (Young or Old) in Minnesota

When I was a kid, I laughed and joked around all the time.  I remember going to the library and getting joke books, and just giggling at all of the different punch lines.  I always left those moments with a big smile on my face.

I want to make sure that a smile is always on your face as you are finishing up your workday.  Maybe even help you relieve a little bit of stress. That's why every day around 4:45 pm on Y-105FM, we have the Joke of the Day.  Now, I could pull out all of those old joke books and say jokes myself, but I would much rather spread that joy and have you be part of the show.

Easy Way To Audition for the Joke of the Day

If you love telling jokes, or you've got a kid that loves to make people laugh, the audition is the easiest process.  Here's how to send in your joke to be on the radio!

  • STEP ONE:  Open the Y-105FM app (get it here if you don't have it already)
  • STEP TWO: Hit the three white lines on the top left side to pull up the menu.
  • STEP THREE: Hit the "Send Photo/Video/Audio button
  • STEP FOUR: Create an account if you don't have one already (this allows us to get in touch with you and let you know when your joke will be on-air!).
  • STEP FIVE: Follow the steps and when you see "select and submit media now", pick the option to record short audio clip.  Try to keep the jokes to about 30 seconds or less.

Once you record and submit it, I will get an e-mail with your Joke of the Day.  If yours if picked to be part of the show, I will use the contact info you filled out to send you a message.  Make sure you have notifications turned on so you see the response.

Got Questions About Auditioning for the Joke of the Day?

If you have questions about the audition or the process, please send me a note over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.  I'd be happy to help.

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