Every day, more and more, I'm becoming like my dad. At least that's what science says.

Back in the day, I didn't want to be anything like my dad. I wanted to be unique.

Yeah. I grew a mustache - and a beard - after high school graduation. I played guitar for a while.

Now, when I talk to my kids, I hear my dad's voice. A. Lot.

I've even inherited his hairline. I've been teased about my hairline. Like hair's a big deal. But, y'know what? Hair today. Gone tomorrow.

There's a new study that's come out that links hair to genetics. We pretty much get our parents hair.

Another survey found that two-thirds of women aren't happy with their hair! The one word they use to describe it, is "frizzy"

Given a choice, 26% would give up wine over their hairbrush and straightener. That's a pretty tough decision. I'd need a cold adult beverage to make the choice between a beer and a comb.

I'm kidding.