You might think this is just the story of me running into a wonderful server. And it is. But what made it memorable was my experience with an egg salad sandwich. So, let's delve excitedly into The Egg Salad Sandwich Story.

I had just enough time to catch a quick lunch before I had to be back to work, so I stopped at Grandma's Kitchen (home of the greatest egg salad sandwich on really, check my research HERE.). I ordered the egg salad, with fries, and when it came, something wasn't quite right.

So when my server, Corrin, stopped by to see if everything was alright, I said, "Well...kinda." She finished with the coffee she was about to pour, took an order, and stopped to see what was up.


"I feel compelled to tell you my sammich was lacking in the creamy department. Usually so creamy, and this one's dryish." I take my egg salad sandwich love seriously.

Corrin apologizes and asks if I want another one. I tell her naw, this one was still pretty good, even tho it's on the less creamy side. Corrin says thank you for the honest input, she'll make sure the right people hear about it and I thought that was it.

Nope. I'd ordered some take out and she snuck another egg salad sandwich in there. Had it for breakfast this morning. It was perfect. And so was the customer service! Made my day, obviously.

Do you know a great server? Tell me about 'em ...just drop into my Facebook DM''s. 

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